Cheap Wine of the Week Wednesday

Here's our cheap wine of the week this week! We enjoyed this with some friends who made us delicious chicken and pork tacos. Yummy! I brought a straight cabernet and this cabernet/syrah blend because both would have a little spice to pair with the tacos. And both were good with it, but this one was better. Both Brad and I really liked it.

The Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red was about $11.99 at Jewel, and it was smooth and great next to the tacos and guac.

So next time you have good friends that make you tacos, bring this along and have a lovely meal!

Merry Christmas friends! We hope it's a blessed time of family and joy for all of you.


Anonymous said...

This is indeed a great cheap wine, and for an easy to find, almost everywhere carrier you can get it as well at Target.

Anonymous said...

sorry i didn't call you back with the info... we had already thrown out the bottle. it was a tasty wine for sure! have a great time in California!

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