Brad's New Website

Hello friends!

This is just to pass along that Brad has finally updated his website with the artwork he's been working on all semester! You should go check it out.

There's a lot of writing, we know, but it helps give a good sense of what this stuff really is and why it's so cool. His direction has changed dramatically this semester, so if you haven't seen his stuff in a while you may want the help figuring it out. It's been a great semester of learning and tweaking and discovering new ways to create. We're so blessed that Brad's had this opportunity to be at this school with these professors. Now he's on to applying for school to hopefully be in the master's program next year.

Here's a hot tip for the site. Follow the birdie! It's pretty dang awesome. :)



Cool beans Brad. You are a very talented and outside the box thinker/artist. I hope you get to be a revolutionary in art.

Will you be in SD any time soon?

Merry Christmas you two!

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