Cheap Wine of the Week Wednesday

You know what is perfect with a -20 degree wind-chill night? A cheap wine of the week, of course! (Yes, that's really what the weather will be here tonight... be jealous.)

And this week's was great. We're finally back to a cheap red, yay!

I found this at Whole Foods, one of their 10 great wines under $10 they are showcasing through the season. It's the 2007 Altovinum Evodia Old Vines Garnacha. It was $9.99, and worth every penny. A little light, but some great structure and really smooth flavor. Mmm mmm.

We've met a couple here who are just recently getting into wine, and this will be one I introduce them to for sure. For 10 bucks, this is a great wine, and something I think anyone can enjoy.

Okay, there's the shortest post I've ever done, but the Top Chef finale starts right now, so I gotta go. Enjoy!!


seth said...

well, it looks and sounds like a tasty bottle... it is interesting to be learning some new things!

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