Cheap Wine of the Week Wednesday

It's baaaaaaaack! Cheap Wine of the Week Wednesday has also returned from its hiatus. First a little news, I took the GRE yesterday and it went really, really well. The new computerized version lets you know your score right at the end of the test, so you don't have to wait around and wonder how you did. It was such a relief to see that score pop up on the screen and know all my hard work the last couple weeks has been worth it. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts for me, I know this is just another confirmation that God thinks I should go to grad school. On to the applications!

Anyway, in honor of the occasion we opened a bottle of Frank Family Blanc de Blancs Champagne to celebrate. (Not a cheap wine of the week by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll include a picture anyway)

But our real cheap wine this week was one my parents and Brad and I enjoyed at Fontana Grill and Wine Bar in our neighborhood. The name of the wine is actually "Reds", which is, obviously, a red blend. It's a blend of carignane, zinfandel, and petite sirah. At the restaurant the bottle was $22, which means in real life it's probably about $15. Still not crazy cheap, but it's a great deal. The wine was silky smooth, very velvety without being overpowering. My Dad and Brad and I really liked it, and my Mom, who normally doesn't like reds, even enjoyed her sip. We'll definitely be getting it next time at Fontana. (Great restaurant, by the way... my Mom and Brad and I had been there when she was in town last, like 6 weeks ago, and the waitress remembered us, very nice)

So if you see it on the menu someday, go for it! I can't find it online (you try searching for "Reds" as a wine and finding it...), so you don't get a picture, but try and remember it if you can.



Anonymous said...

yumminy! that tomato piece looks like it would make my tongue want to slap my brains out! too bad Shauna doesn't like tomatoes or i might even request that one! wow! i'm going to have to invite my Mom to come and look at your blog, i think she would really enjoy your cooking adventures!
seth (hunter)

Anonymous said...

darn it, i can't even post a comment in the right spot, oh well... you'll know what i'm talking about!

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