Weekly Recipe Wrap-Up

Here're some of the recipes we ate this week.

We had a great concert at our church on Friday called Acoustic Blend (you can see some pictures I took of the event on Facebook here). To add to the night we had some snacks available and coffee and tea and such. I contributed brownies. Nothing super special, just followed the recipe on the box (Hershey's Ultimate Fudge Brownies). But they were really good. Even a few days later for the church potluck!

Brownie glamour shot

One of our healthy/cheap meals of the week was this great tilapia with green beans recipe. Now, normally I don't like tilapia. It's too light and it doesn't really taste like anything. But this recipe called for a light breading and frying in a little bit of butter (cook's note, half the butter with a couple tablespoons of olive oil cuts down a lot of the bad fat). And it was really good tasting, and really fresh with the added green beans and cherry tomatoes.

Fried green bean tomatoes

Flaky tilapia fillet... mmmm...

Another good dinner of the week was for our community group dinner, which we got the chance to host.  For a good crowd-friendly recipe, I pulled out the trusty Wolfgang Puck mushroom turkey burgers. Delicious, easy to make, and better for you than beef burgers. Unless they were lying, everyone really liked them. And our friends brought over some red onion and cilantro to top them off, which was a perfect accoutrement. 

Melted fontina cheese was also a winner

Another quick meal was a bacon, spinach, tomato and avocado sandwich (hereafter known as a S.T.A.B... or a B.A.S.T?).  Melted fontina on wheat bread finished them off, and they were really yummy.

It S.T.A.B.s you with goodness

And that's about it. I also made this NYT caesar salad recipe from the Minimalist for our church's potluck on Sunday night celebrating our one year anniversary of being a church! But I was rather distracted by the Masters all day (yay Phil!) and didn't make it very well. It was fine, but not blog worthy. But I assume the recipe is worth eating anyway, even if I didn't pull it off that night. So that's something else for you. 

Have a lovely week friends! We'll see you back next week for some more great food and fun.


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