Cheap Wine of the Week Wednesday

Hello friends! This week we found a very good cheap wine of the week. There is a wine shop near us, Que Syrah, that I really like and they have a wall of cheap options. I've rarely been led astray by Don and his picks, and today's was great.

It's the 2007 Saurus Cabernet Sauvignon. It's from Patagonia in Argentina, and I was very pleasantly surprised. When the wine first hit my mouth, I admit to thinking I was going to be disappointed. It has a very light, almost floral characteristic that I'm not usually a fan of. But the minute you swallow, the aftertaste hits, and then the pepper and the jammy fruit and the cab flavor I was waiting for all came flooding in. Still not a super full-bodied wine, especially for a cab, but a really nice, smooth representation. We're about to eat it with a yummy smelling lasagna. I'll let you know how it pairs.



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