Cheap Wine of the Week Wednesday

Hi friends.

We again drank no good cheap wine this week. But I wanted to share a little something tonight about what to do with bad cheap wine, of which there is plenty in this world. You know the feeling. You're standing in front of the wines at the store, pretending like you know what you're looking for, hoping everyone thinks you look all suave and sophisticated since you're beside the cabernet, and you have no idea what to buy. So you grab some $8.99-on-sale bottle and head out the door. Well, you pay for it first. Then you head out the door.

And you get home, cut the foil off, pop the cork (though, at $8.99, there is a pretty decent chance it's got a screwcap on it), pour out a little bit, try it... and wrinkle your nose in distaste.

This is a perfect example of the shock of a bad cheap wine face, circa the national prayer breakfast 2006

Now, there are those of us who will continue to drink it because nine bucks is nine bucks. And there are those of us who will put the cork back in and hope we find something to cook with it tomorrow night before it goes too bad. There are even some who will just pour it down the drain because it's really that bad.But before you go to extremes, like drinking plain yucky wine, there is another option. Our new best friend... sangria!

Yes, I mentioned this on Sunday since Sarah brought up the glorious idea last Thursday. And sangria is the perfect solution for bad cheap wine. You really don't want to use anything expensive in sangria, since you won't really be able to taste anything except for wine-y-ness anyway. So the minute you decide this cheap wine is not worth it's weight in straw... dump it in a pitcher or a bowl, cut up a bunch of fruit, throw in some sugar, cover it, and stick it in the fridge overnight.

Like so

Then tomorrow, add some ginger ale, or sparkling water, or sprite, and if you want, some other sorts of liquors. And viola! A useful, yummy, perfect-for-spring-and-summer drink. Much better than that bad cheap wine you thought you were stuck with, no?

Here are some sangria recipe sites:

Enjoy! And be free of the curse of bad, cheap wine!


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