Alcohol doesn't freeze...

We didn't drink any good cheap wine this week. In lieu of that, I want to show you what happened in our fridge this week.

I open the fridge and notice a weird brownish liquid underneath the veggie drawer. Thinking that there was just some really old cilantro I hadn't remembered that had leaked (gross!), I left it alone for another time. Later that day I needed tortillas for dinner, so I open the fridge again and pull the tortillas out and there's some liquid on the plastic bag as well, a shelf above the possibly rancid cilantro. That's interesting. And hey, wait a second... it smells like beer in here. And there is a little shard of glass on this tortilla bag.

What the?

This happened

Yep... our fridge was turned down too cold, and a beer we had shoved in the back hoping someone else would drink it froze... and expanded... and EXPLODED all over our fridge. Plus a Coke can that also decided to expand its horizons.

So don't believe those folks who'll tell you that alcohol doesn't freeze. If it's like beer and has enough water in it, it will. Vodka won't. Though I learned recently that you're not supposed to put your vodka in the freezer if you want to make a mixed drink correctly. Who knew? I'll keep it on the shelf from now on.

Till next week (by which, I hope to have actually imbibed some cheap wine worth drinking...), have wonderful days!


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