New Format

Hey friends.

First of all, thank you for all my birthday wishes! It has been a great birthday, with a weekend in Phoenix with my parents and one of my German exchange student brothers Julien. We ate a bunch of great food, played a lot of cornhole and Ticket to Ride, and just hung out. It was wonderful. And so far back in Chicago we've eaten some great Thai food with friends, and tomorrow night Brad's taking me to some super-fancy restaurant where we're going to eat a 12 course meal. I promise to write down everything we eat and tell you all about it. (I sincerely wish I owned an iPhone so I could surreptitiously snap photos of the food as well, but oh well...) All in all, it's shaping up to be a great year already!!

Just a note on the blog. I'm toying with the idea of going more in-depth with my food portions, which means that a weekly recipe wrap-up would just be a ridiculously long post if I only did one a week. So watch out for some "recipe of the moment" pages instead of a weekly wrap-up page. I'm also going to reproduce the recipes I use in their full format each time, so you don't have to keep clicking away (though I'll still provide the links). This will also let me be more clear about any tweaking I did with each recipe.

Anyway, it's going to look a little different around here, and now you've been forewarned. The cheap wine of the week wednesdays will stay the way you know and love for now.

Have a wonderful night, and know that you and your friendship and love give me so much joy!


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